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Hugh Sutcliffe


I am responsible for Chatham’s advisory business in Canada and am a member of the global management team. In this role I work with my colleagues to design and execute hedging solutions across numerous asset classes including interest rates, FX, power and credit. Providing this expertise to Canadian clients is particularly rewarding given the long-dated nature of their risk exposures.

T: +1 647 714 8370

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  • Project Finance & Infrastructure
  • Commodity Hedging
  • Deal Contingent Hedging
  • FX Hedging
  • Inflation Hedging
  • Interest Rate Hedging

About Hugh

Having spent 25 years in banking, primarily in derivatives, I opened my own practice, Nauset Derivative Advisory, in 2012.

My decision to build an advisory business in Canada was influenced by observing that only people who had worked at banks really understood the intricacies of the derivatives market, while banks had an inherent conflict of interest in offering independent hedging advice. My clients felt the same way and in Nauset’s first two years I advised on over $3bn of transactions. 

While deciding how to expand my advisory practice, I was introduced to Chatham. As our discussions progressed, it became evident to me that my clients would be best served by having access to the varied backgrounds of derivatives professionals in a global firm and the market transparency we could provide given the deal flow we see across jurisdictions annually.

We opened Chatham’s Canada office in September 2015. 

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Published work

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