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Andy Scott

Associate Director

I joined Chatham as an Associate Director, working alongside Chris Towner in the provision of FX advice to funds, corporates and private equity clients.

T: +44 (0)207 493 3310

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  • Private Equity
  • Corporates
  • FX Hedging

About Andy

Before moving to Chatham, I spent 10 years with the HiFX Group, joining HiFM in 2013 as an Associate Director, advising clients on how best to manage their currency risk.

I am a frequent commentator in the world’s print and broadcast media, focussing on a range of economic and market related issues. I also spent two years in the Netherlands working for bio-tech giant Millipore looking after key accounts including major blue chip companies and the Ministry of Defence.

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Published work

Will governments do whatever it takes?

Following last week’s emergency action by central banks, this week saw governments across the world exerting significant efforts to prevent mass corporate failures and unemployment.

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Politics to continue to drive volatility and unpredictability in 2020

From a financial markets perspective, 2019 was a year that was very much dominated by politics. Read our analysis on what will change in 2020. Independent hedging adivce.

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How to hedge against currency volatility in uncertain times

The range of Brexit outcomes and their potential impact makes hedging foreign exchange risk all the more important.

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After a summer of scorching temperatures and currency volatility, travel businesses look to insure against FX risk

As the peak UK holiday season comes to an end, many travel businesses are facing the daunting task of setting prices for 2019, after a summer of significant volatility in foreign exchange rates.

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Dollar weakens as Trump’s comments fuel concerns about Fed fight

After two hikes this year, U.S. interest rates are around 1.9%. Moreover, the Federal Reserve has signalled it intends to raise them a further two times, with the result that the market has now priced in a September increase with 92% probability.

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