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SONIA rates

The FCA advises all GBP Libor users to transition to Sonia by the end of 2021.

Unlike Libor, Sonia only comes with one tenor: it measures the overnight cost of borrowing by taking an average of the previous day’s transactions.

In order to calculate floating interest rates for a multi-day period (e.g. a 3 month interest period on a loan or interest rate swap), each daily fixing of Sonia over that period must be compounded into a single rate. This compound rate can therefore be calculated on the last day of the interest period. The table below shows the compound Sonia rates for a range of different interest period lengths, with end dates as shown in the first column.

Data is refreshed on a daily basis, at 11am.

Compounded Sonia Rates

End Date ON 1M 3M 6M 12M
27/01/2020 0.7106% 0.7115% 0.7113% 0.7117% 0.7115%
24/01/2020 0.7104% 0.7114% 0.7113% 0.7117% 0.7115%
23/01/2020 0.7117% 0.7113% 0.7113% 0.7116% 0.7114%
22/01/2020 0.7117% 0.7113% 0.7113% 0.7116% 0.7114%
21/01/2020 0.7117% 0.7113% 0.7113% 0.7116% 0.7114%
20/01/2020 0.7120% 0.7113% 0.7113% 0.7116% 0.7114%
17/01/2020 0.7117% 0.7111% 0.7112% 0.7116% 0.7113%

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