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Do you have 2020 vision on your FX transactions?

Do you have 2020 vision on your FX transactions?

Chris Towner Private Equity February 2020
2019 saw a marked increase in the number of enquiries we received over how best to hedge FX risks.

As we kick off the new decade, we expect this trend to continue, and the significant cost savings we have been able to achieve for clients with it. Chatham Financial advocates for transparency in financial markets and we offer impartial advice on how to get the best price for the most suitable product when hedging financial risks.

Assessing the pricing of FX hedges is complex. The underlying exchange rate, execution charges, forward points and credit charges are all moving parts that need to be negotiated to ensure a fair trade. Chatham Financial has a wealth of market experience and a wide range of analytical tools to help our clients optimize their hedging. Whether you manage a business or a fund, the savings can be significant.

One recent deal in the real estate sector saw us negotiate improvements to FX hedge pricing representing €300k of value for a transaction on a €60 million notional – a valuable payoff for our client.

In addition to one-off hedging requirements, we also advise funds and businesses on optimal pricing for their FX transactions on an ongoing basis. Here, the savings can run into millions for those exposed to a high degree of FX risk.

If you would like an impartial review and benchmarking of your FX transactions, please contact Chris Towner, Director at Chatham, at ctowner@chathamfinancial.com.


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